Episode One

Episode One
Nonstop Sysop
Episode One

Jan 30 2023 | 00:48:04

Episode 1 January 30, 2023 00:48:04

Hosted By

Phil Williams

Show Notes

About me

Geek, Husband, Father of 6

Two special needs children (blind, nonverbal, etc)

  • Adopted from China
  • Our two adopted children are not biologically related as many people suspect

20+ years in IT

  • IT Operations - NetOps performance monitoring
  • Security Operations - Host based intrusion, perimeter security, etc
  • Big Data
  • Technical sales and leadership roles in two large software companies on the West coast

I mentioned my son was a streamer...Check out JustVelocityy

About the Show

SysOp - The system operator of a Bulletin Board System

  • First BBS (CBBS) software created by Ward Christensen and Randy Suess in 1978 as a way to stay connected with their computer club during a brutal winter
  • BBS’s were computer systems set up as servers which allowed others to connect over dial-in modems to exchange messages, chat, share files, and interact in other ways. These humble systems were often simple desktop computers sitting in someone’s home
  • BBS’s tended to be very personal as users typically dialed into local numbers in their vicinity as to not incur long distance charges
  • The SysOp was the admin, owner, and facilitator of the BBS and would often communicate directly with users.

Regular Show Format

  • Intro
  • Sponsors/Patrons
  • Share comments, letters, follow-up materials, etc from previous episode
  • Tip of the week (Security, apps, hacks, etc)
  • 2 -3 news stories, articles, interesting nuggets from the web
  • Closing comments

Regular Show Schedule

I will release a new episode and upload weekly on Sunday evening so listeners can begin the work week with access to the latest episode.

Episode One Content

Security keys for Apple ID

  • Available with IOS 16.3
  • https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT213154
  • Yubico - hardware security key manufacturer - https://yubico.com
  • Multi-factor auth   Authentication using two or more factors to achieve authentication. Factors are (i) something you know (e.g., password/personal identification number); (ii) something you have (e.g., cryptographic identification device, token); and (iii) something you are (e.g., biometric). Source(s): NIST SP 1800-12b under multifactor authentication
  • What is NIST?
  • Mastodon

What is Mastodon? I did have a link to recent blog post I made, but I took that blog down after the recording of the podcast.  Here is where you can learn more about Mastodon.

Tech Layoffs

  • November 2022 Meta laid off 11,000 people, about 13% of its workforce
  • Google, IBM, and SAP, and others have made significant layoffs already this year
  • Many of these layoffs are being blamed on slowdowns in customer demand, recession worries, and issues related to the COVID pandemic

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