Episode 5: Hams and Cheese

Episode 5: Hams and Cheese
Nonstop Sysop
Episode 5: Hams and Cheese

Mar 05 2023 | 00:36:13

Episode 5 March 05, 2023 00:36:13

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Phil Williams

Show Notes

NonstopSysop Episode #5 - Hams and Cheese


Welcome to Episode 5 of Nonstop Sysop titled, Hams and Cheese.  I’m your host, Phil Williams.  Thank you for listening.  I hope this podcast makes your commute to work or time at your desk more enjoyable and informative.

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Please remember that good password hygiene is not going to keep you 100% safe.  Good security is multilayered and never relies on a single factor.  I have been bringing up the idea of multi factor authentication for multiple episodes now.  It is important to understand the times when it is appropriate to enable MFA, such as with your bank account or credit card companies.  Practice good password hygiene and utilize MFA, where it makes sense, to help ensure your online account safety.  This leads us into our Tip of the Week.  In August of last year, Last Pass reveled that it had been the subject of a breach and that sensitive user data, including encrypted password vaults, were taken by attackers.  While the encrypted vault data is encrypted, and could take years to potentially crack, having an offline version of the data in the hands of cybercriminals where brute force attacks can be run indefinitely is a major issue. 

Due to this incident, I would suggest that all prior Last Pass users change their master password, the one used to access the encrypted password vault, and all passwords for services that were stored in the vault as well.  This is a lot of work and may be unnecessary, but I think it is a prudent step to ensure your passwords and access to systems are safe.


Tip of the week (Security, apps, hacks, etc)

Now for our Tip of the Week!  This week’s tip is related to keeping your passwords safe.  Gone are the days of simple passwords.  It is now more important than ever to safeguard your passwords and to use unique passwords for every website and service.  I have been using Bitwarden’s password manager for many years.  There are a number of features that I love about Bitwarden.  There is an app available for most operating systems and browsers.


2 -3 news stories, articles, interesting nuggets from the web

Hams and Cheese story

TikTok time limit




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Music by Yrii Semchyshyn from Pixabay

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