Episode 4: Yes Man

Episode 4: Yes Man
Nonstop Sysop
Episode 4: Yes Man

Feb 19 2023 | 00:44:55

Episode 4 February 19, 2023 00:44:55

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Phil Williams

Show Notes

NonstopSysop Episode #4 - Yes Man


Welcome to Episode 4 of Nonstop Sysop titled, Yes Man.  I am your host, Phil Williams.  I am glad you took time to tune in to the show.  I hope this show makes your commute to work or time at your desk more enjoyable and informative.

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Tip of the week (Security, apps, hacks, etc)

Our tip of the week this week is related to the home lab.  I am sure many of you, like me, have servers running in your home that you tinker around with.  For those of you who have reached the point where it is difficult to remember which servers applications were installed on, or even more importantly, want to help your family members know how to access them…I would like to introduce you to Heimdall, an application dashboard.  With Heimdall in place, you can simply remember one page (or save it in your bookmarks) and from there you will have graphical buttons pointing to various applications that you configure on your page. These can be web applications or simply URLs to resources.  You can set Heimdall up as your browser start page, and it even includes the ability to add a search bar with Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo.

I have provided a link to the GitHub page for the project in our show notes:


I came across this project while I was researching ways to keep up with all of the services I have set up at my home.  I have my firewall, various hardware devices that have web interfaces, multiple websites/blogs that I manage, etc.  It is hard to remember how to get to all of them and which servers they are installed on.  Just keeping up with the names and IP addresses of all my servers has become an issue as well.  I think Heimdall provides a great solution to for the organization of all the web applications.  However, I am still on the lookout for something that can help me organize my systems.  I created a spreadsheet on Google Sheets that I can access from anywhere that has links to my devices.  Of course, I can only access them when I click on the link from within my home network or from my VPN.  I use OpenVPN which is included as part of opnSense.  Honestly, the spreadsheet is great for me right now because most of the services I am running at this time are for my own personal use and others do not need access.  However, Heimdall is great for the situations where others need to know where to go to log in.  The web interface to Heimdall is really nice and can be modded.  You can set up your own background image for the page so it is themed to your liking.  The project is coded in PHP and JavaScript, for those who care to know.

I know there are similar projects out there.  I am eager to learn more about how my listeners are managing their home labs.  If there is a cool project you are using, please let us know on Twitter, Instagram, or the Facebook Page.  Take time to sign up as a patron on Patreon.com and share with others in the Slack community.  It is always exciting to learn from the audience and to watch my audience helping one another.  That is our tip of the week.  Now, for our main content.

2 -3 news stories, articles, interesting nuggets from the web

Yes Man story from SMSI

Jury Duty Scam

The death of IE


Closing comments


Music by Yrii Semchyshyn from Pixabay

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